Synergy Energy

The Client

Synergy is Western Australia’s largest energy retailer and generator with more than one million industrial, commercial and residential customers.

The Challenge

Facing potential market competition and aggressively changing customer expectations, Synergy needed to become more “customer competitive” (match fit) to defend their market position and prepare for customer choice. Synergy also needed to restructure their operations to more fully align to and leverage emergent digital servicing opportunities.

The Approach

Strativity first deployed our unique Customer Centricity Assessment to analyse Synergy’s internal systems, processes and operating culture to determine changes required to support being more customer centric. We were then engaged to helpSynergy define in detail five key customer journeys–what we call Branding theCustomer Experience (BCX). This aligned the experience design in detail with brand purpose and principles. Lastly, we helped Synergy define their digital target operating model through our Digital Management Model assessment process.

The Results

Synergy systematically deployed the recommendations across each stream of work to substantially increase their level of customer centricity, as well as to simplify and enhance the key customer experiences. Synergy also implemented the recommended changes to their digital operating model, achieving efficiencies and alignment to support their omni-channel servicing strategy. This was reflected by a jump in theirNPS to +71.5 in 2018, up from +60 in 2015.