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We use a variety of best practice and customised frameworks to understand the insights, trends and competitive opportunities that organisations have, and combine art and science to determine the right approach. From here, our team of expert designers work with you to craft compelling and differentiated offerings and design an experience that delivers the brand promise and customer value through each and every interaction. As we are doing this, we assess current and required capability and develop target operating models to ensure strategic and commercial success, underpinned by purposeful and engaged employees.

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Customer Strategy

An organisation’s customer strategy outlines exactly how it will find, engage with, deliver value to, satisfy and extend/leverage strong relationships with its customers. We blend an empathetic and data driven approach to identify opportunities, craft compelling propositions and then develop the complete experience and engagement approaches that will support them. Through research, testing, co-creation and validation, we design an overarching framework and determine how to best acquire, interact with and retain customers.
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Experience Strategy

A well developed and agreed experience strategy is a must for any organisation intent on delivering a high quality, consistent and brand aligned experience. Strativity bring together a number of proprietary methods with experienced consultants to understand the experience of today and co-create the experience of tomorrow. We leverage empathy, market understanding, design/innovation heuristics and data analytics to devise target experiences that deliver competitive advantage and meet commercial return requirements.

Corporate Strategy

Evaluating market opportunities in the context of ambition, resources and capabilities enables organisations to make the right plays that create competitive advantage and deliver extraordinary profitability. Strativity leverage a suite of proven proprietary and enhanced frameworks across different project phases to facilitate deep exploration of opportunity areas, evaluate options, agree strategic direction and build detailed execution pathways.

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Value Propositions

Strativity believe a powerful value proposition is: anchored in a clear definition of the customer or employee and his/her needs; differentiated from the competition; resonant with the customer’s or employee’s beliefs and priorities; balances aspiration and plausibility; and has both internal and external congruence.
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Experience Vision & Principles

One of Strativity’s most popular methodologies is the development of a customer experience vision and principles for our clients. In simple terms, a customer experience vision is the highest-level articulation as to the customer experience an organisation aspires to deliver. A clearly articulated and universally understood customer experience vision aligns resources across the business to the goal of meeting customers’ true needs. Even when customer-oriented drivers are in place, individual business units and functions can differ in their interpretation of what customers really value, and accordingly, there is a lack of shared goals and metrics against which to measure progress.

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Target Experience Design

Having a detailed, well-articulated experience strategy in place is critical to guide investment and align behaviour across an organisation. Strativity approach experience design with an enterprise framework that aligns target experiences across a number of business areas and journeys. We continually refine an engaging co-creation approach that weaves strategic aspects with practical knowledge to achieve the best outcome.

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Concept Testing & Prototype

Customers rarely have the ability to invent or judge future ideas and their relative relevance, usefulness or success. Why? Because all they have to go on is their experience of the past. And you cannot use the past, to either invent the future, or to judge the future potential of a new idea. The aim of Strativity’s approach to concept testing and prototyping is to create an environment in which customers get to experience the idea first hand (using mock-ups for example) before they are asked to assess it. In this way, they are able to draw on their own experience, rather than their subjective opinions, to judge the desirability of the idea presented. This is a key point of difference between the prototype approach and traditional research methods like focus groups which are arguably incapable of being able to accurately judge the future success of an innovative idea.
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Customer Engagement & Retention Strategy

Leveraging a suite of frameworks, models and methods, our expertise in customer engagement and retention has proven to deliver significant uplift across arrange of industries. We assess all drivers of engagement and retention to identify where opportunities exist. This includes assessing both lost revenue and our opportunity to impact this, in addition to the overarching CVP, management focus and behavioural triggers.
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Omnichannel Strategy

Strativity work with organisations to develop the optimal omnichannel strategy and implementation approach with a focus on operational leverage and customer satisfaction optimisation. We use our proprietary twelve step omnichannel strategy development framework that provides the customer and commercial basis for decisioning, then allows us to plan and implement channel migration with sensitivity to how different customer types might respond. This ensures the most efficient move to new channel mixes whilst maintaining/improving satisfaction/advocacy.
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Digital & Data Strategy

Strativity’s digital and data strategy approach focuses on helping you plan, implement and manage your CX transformation or application so you remain competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape where you need to meet customers where they are. We start with defining your digital vision and target state applications and help you navigate implementation within complex environments. Our focus areas are CX, data, design, architecture, digital applications, people, process and technology, moving from strategy to execution that is underpinned by the development of strategic principles and objectives, product roadmaps and digital governance KPI's.
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Strategic Design & Innovation

Strativity is unique in its approach to strategic design and innovation, combining both open and proprietary methods and frameworks to identify relevant, unique and high value adding innovation opportunities, across business models, new product development and experience delivery. Our starting point is to ensure a clear understanding of the problem or challenge question. We build organisation, customer and market context and leverage that with targeted stakeholder sessions to ensure alignment and clarity around what we are solving for. To ensure an adequate understanding of what drives and motivates customer behaviour we often use ethnography techniques including diary studies, observations and contextual enquiry.

Signature Moment Design

Many organisations can deliver amazing moments as a one off, perhaps due to a crisis or the talents of a special employee. However, the real key to customer experience success is to intentionally design moments that are both amazing and repeatable. Strativity’s signature moment design process ensures that organisations ‘wow’ customers at ‘moments that matter’ and that it is done consistently. We draw on customer insight, global trends and the brand promise to develop and refine magic moments and then work with our clients to implement, embed and measure these.
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Service Design

It’s not enough to design a unique and memorable customer experience, we must consider how to enable the organisation to deliver that experience and manage it over time. Strativity use multiple service design methods to consider backstage business capabilities – people, technology, data, processes, policies, strategy and values critical to the delivery of the service. Perspectives from employees, SME’s, stakeholders and partners are captured as we deep dive into all capabilities, examine failure points, root cause, system effects and solution the target state. Service design employs human-centred design principles to ensure that the customer is at the centre of complex business solutions.
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Operating Model Design

Once the strategy, experience vision and target experience is agreed, we use a range of target operating model design principles and analytical techniques to help our clients shape the optimal organisational capability set. These models balance strategic effectiveness with commercial considerations to deliver rapid progression towards stated goals and the target state omnichannel experience. Part of this work involves understanding the core capabilities that an organisation require to compete effectively and developing a roadmap to enhance capability in a prioritised and optimally sequenced fashion.
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Segmentation & Personas

An effective segmentation strategy provides an organisation with cut-through across all stages of the customer lifecycle. Strativity’s approach develops a usable model that leverages attitudinal segmentation to optimally engage with customers, overlaid on an increasingly detailed understanding of customer behaviours and linked to key demographic aspects to help calculate current and future value. We consider organisational goals and market context to develop a segmentation approach that identifies and realises value across acquisition, engagement and retention activities. After building context we use a mixed-method approach to establish the grounded theory upon which the potential segment model is built using contextual enquiry interviews and focus groups.
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Measurement Program Design

Determining the right measures to provide visibility on strategic progression and support adjustment of an organisation’s approach is critical. Our proprietary approach to current state optimisation and future state metric development provides a platform for both orientating the organisation and assessing progress. At an enterprise level we assess current metrics against specific question sets to understand visibility.

People Strategy

The people and culture strategy is probably one of the most important documents in the modern organisation. It sets the tone for the kind of organisation that you want to be and it ensures that your vision and core values are articulated clearly. Strativity’s expert consultants have extensive experience of supporting organisations as they develop their people and culture strategy.
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Brand Strategy

Exceptional brands make and keep a relevant and unique promise. Strativity’s framework for thinking about brands involves assessing or developing: the core offer/promise (crafted or refined based on category insights, cultural landscape, consumer insights and authenticity); who the brand is (exploring roots, archetype and character); and where the brand should go (based on relevance, signature, culture and the desired emotional engagement). This model helps us identify opportunity, define uniqueness and mobilise, develop and grow brands.
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Marketing Strategy

Strativity excels in crafting impactful marketing strategies that drive results. Our team of seasoned consultants, including accomplished former CMOs, brings extensive expertise to the table. We go beyond mere planning and goal-setting; we dive deep into your organisation's unique needs to devise a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your objectives. By leveraging the latest market analysis and segmentation techniques, we identify lucrative target markets and develop a compelling brand value proposition that sets you apart. Through performance marketing principles, we optimise campaigns, employing data analytics and tracking to measure success accurately. Let us guide you towards marketing excellence, delivering tangible actions that fuel your growth and help you thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

Data Strategy Enablement

In todays business environment production data generated from your digital platforms is critical, from understanding customer behaviour and preferences to predicting trends and optimising operations. The use of interactive data extends this opportunity and allows companies to reimagine CX experiences through new kinds of insights generated through ongoing interactions and a continuous stream of information. Strativity helps guide your data enablement strategy through understanding your digital foundations and data capabilities, visualising the full potential of data and data-driven features and services, and designing for 'digital customers'. Based on an organisation's data maturity, CX applications that stem from our data strategy enablement process include personalisation, predictive analytics, Voice of Customer analytics, omni-channel integration, IoT solutions and AI applications.
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Product and UX Strategy

We combine design best practices with innovative technology to deliver full-cycle product design services. Our approach is rooted in Human-Centred-Design thinking, which begins with deeply empathising and understanding your customers through direct observation and research. We redefine problem definitions and glean insights from feedback and user testing to iterate potential solutions that create seamless and frictionless digital experiences. Our comprehensive product and UX strategy services help you define target state user journeys that delight and enhance usability and align with your business objectives.
“Strativity are a team of consummate experts that assisted Greyhound greatly to understand the moments of truth that are pivotal in the minds of our customers, ensuring their experience moves beyond good to great!"

Alex De Waal - Chief Executive Officer of Greyhound Australia

“Thanks Brad – your support and the team at Strativity Group helped us drive an insight-led, data-driven approach to disrupt a 124-year-old bank!"

Andrew Chanmugan - Executive General Manager of CX of Bankwest

"We have partnered with Strativity across a range of projects and have always found them passionate and professional. They bring a pragmatic approach that has helped us improve the experience of our members."

Simon Grant - Group Executive of Advocacy & International

"Strativity helped us to understand and decompose our current customer experience and trial new and innovative offerings. They bring together research, strategic design and quantitative capabilities very well to deliver effective outcomes."

Mark Healy - Managing Director of Global Payments ANZ

"Thanks Brad and Strativity, you have been a great partner to us this year!"

Ant Dureau - Chief Client Officer of AMP

"Before we met Strativity, we used to turn the lights on at 7:00am, a bit like a military operation. Now we let residents choose when they’d like to get up and we have noticed that our dementia patients are calmer."

Annette Hili - Chief Operating Officer of BaptistCare

"We have engaged Strativity on a number of projects and have been really pleased with their capability, focus, and of course the outcomes. Would definitely recommend them."

Chris Jackson - General Manager, Customer Experience & Digital at Transurban

"The Strativity team brought enthusiasm, expertise and a practical approach to their work with Alliance Group. They helped us to better understand the supplier and customer ecosystem, prioritise our efforts and drive real change."

David Surveyor - CEO at Alliance Group

"The Strativity team helped us to value an important market segment that had never been properly valued before. Along the way, the team used multiple data sources which helped us to understand key trends in our customer ecosystem, and where our efforts needed to be prioritised. The team were a delight to work with – crisp in their communication style, efficient, flexible and responsive to feedback."

Erryn Schettino - National Manager, Sales and Customer Strategy of BlueScope

"Strativity shaped and completed market research to identify potential revenue pools and helped us with the strategy to effectively target these. With this insight and hard work, we have been able to take advantage of these opportunities to triple our revenue and profitability over the last few years."

Mike Tristram - Chief Executive Officer of Trisco Foods

"I highly recommend the work of the Strativity team. They are experts in understanding and improving the customer experience of leading brands."

Paul Rayson - Chief Executive Officer of CommSec

"Strativity helped us understand the customer perspective and work across the business to design and execute the ideal experience, delivering both strategic and tangible value."

David Armstrong - Chief Executive Officer of Allity Aged Care

"Strativity helped us map the current client experience, prioritise enhancements and design the ideal experience. We then looked at the cultural and capability adjustments that would be needed to deliver in order to shape and execute the right plan. The team was first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations that want to drive customer centric change."

Mike Tristram - Chief Executive Officer of Trisco Foods

"Strativity helped us map the experience of members and employers to understand their needs, prioritise improvements and design the optimal experience. They brought great skill and a practical approach, enabling us to understand where value could be created and how we could best serve our members and employers. This was further supported by a measurement program to drive a customer centric culture and help us track progress."

David Atkin - Chief Executive Officer of Cbus

"I would certainly recommend Strativity. They engage brilliantly to understand and focus on the most critical insights and leverage these to determine the right actions. They certainly helped us on our journey to create seamless omnichannel experiences."

Chris Wilesmith - Managing Director of Supercheap Auto & Chief Executive Officer of Mitre 10 New Zealand

"The Strativity team were great in helping us to better understand the end to end customer experience for our key eParcels business. Most of the recommendations have been completed or are in progress and our eParcel business is continuing to grow significantly as a result."

Chris Koo - Manager of Domestic Parcels at Australia Post

"Thank you all so much for a wonderful ‘activation’ day yesterday. The hallway conversations have been buzzing with people’s reflections and feedback."

Nicola Reynolds - General Manager of Customer, Insights and Marketing at Benetas

"We found the Strativity training to be tailored perfectly to the culture we were working to create in all our stores – one that delights every customer with a proactive, energised, customer service approach that reflects our appreciation of every customer and a deep pride in the service we are providing."

Jerry Sheridan - President and Chief Executive Officer of AmeriGas

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