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Strativity Group provides a comprehensive range of assessment and audit methodologies which have been used by thousands of organisations globally. Our capabilities in audit and assessment include:

  • Customer Centricity Assessment
  • Customer Maturity Assessment
  • Omnichannel Strategy Assessment
  • Engagement & Retention Strategy Assessment
  • Digital Readiness & Management Model Assessment
  • Digital & Data Strategy Audit
  • VoC Program Audit
  • Contact Centre Assessment
  • Cultural Assessment
  • Experience Audit

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Our Assessment & Audit Methodologies

Customer Centricity Assessment

Strativity’s customer centricity assessment is a comprehensive audit of an organisation’s operations, practices and policies assessed against best practice. Strengths and weaknesses are captured by individual dimensions and overall performance is represented graphically in an easy to communicate format. Over 100 elements of an organisation’s customer centricity (and the approach to customer experience improvement) are considered and incorporated into a prioritisation matrix that plots the best practice gap and value creation potential. This allows an organisation to determine precisely where it should focus its effort. The approach leverages the real drivers of a customer focussed culture and delivers a root cause analysis and actionable recommendations (as opposed to a description of the current situation).
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Omnichannel Strategy Assessment

Strativity’s omnichannel strategy assessment model provides a perspective on channel strategy across twelve core lenses. Strengths and weakness are clearly highlighted with specific actions detailed and then discussed with the management team. Best practice gap and value creation potential are then used to prioritise improvements. Key elements of our framework include: customer experience objectives; operational objectives; customer behaviour and interaction preferences; interaction economics; current capabilities across technology, data and people; and cultural and behavioural support.
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Engagement & Retention Strategy Assessment

Leveraging a suite of frameworks, models and methods, our expertise in customer engagement and retention has proven to deliver significant uplift across arrange of industries. We assess all drivers of engagement and retention to identify where opportunities exist. This includes assessing both lost revenue and our opportunity to impact this, in addition to the overarching CVP, management focus and behavioural triggers.
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Digital Readiness & Management Model Assessment

How digital efforts and transformation is managed across an organisation has a significant impact on likely success and value creation. Strativity’s assessment and development of the vision and optimal model includes: facilitated workshops to create a shared vision and specific digital goals; an exploration of strategy, current vs required capability, management model and operating culture; presentation of key recommendations and the suggested digital model and enablement plan; and execution support as organisations adjust their approach to enhance digital orientation, engagement and enablement.
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Digital & Data Strategy Audit

Strativity’s digital and data strategy audit evaluates your current digital state using our CX Digital Assessment framework, which encompasses 18 best practice capabilities of CX transformation readiness. Typically the assessment takes six to twelve weeks depending on the scope and scale of the digital ecosystem and degree of detail needed. Project outcomes typically include: diagnostic assessment of current data capabilities; agreed data strategy and principles across the organisation; capability gaps for what changes are needed to achieve the strategy; prioritised initiatives to build the required capabilities, Roadmap with timings and dependencies; and business case with forecast benefits and investments.
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VoC Program Audit

Strativity leverages its best practice VoC program principles and design models to comprehensively assess the current VoC approach and identify enhancements to improve the insights, engagement and actionability of a VoC program. Our VoC audit provides confidence that an organisation’s approach is world class or highlights specific gaps and improvement opportunities. The approach involves: an initial workshop to confirm objectives, scope and context; a review of design documents, current reports and organisational usage; onsite workshops to assess business impact; assessment against design principles and guidance models; recommendation development (with sufficient detail to progress implementation); action planning; and in some cases implementation support.

Contact Centre Assessment

Strativity’s contact centre assessment is a holistic approach to optimising contact centre performance. Consisting of five steps, the assessment considers all aspects of the operation – from strategy alignment, to execution at the front line, to enabling technologies. The contact centre assessment audits the entire spectrum of contact centre internal practices and policies to assess organisational readiness for transformation. Gaps are identified and recommendations for improvement are provided. The contact centre assessment utilises a maturity methodology to examine up to thirty discrete focus areas in the contact centre (e.g. channel strategy, training, coaching, workforce management, quality management, technology, reporting, performance management, etc.) and the manner in which they fit within the deployment of the overall contact centre strategy.

Cultural Assessment

Understanding the realities and implications of an organisation’s culture, while identifying barriers to delivering strategic change is important for all leadership teams. Our process involves the deployment of qualitative methods (to identify and explore core themes and memes) supported by quantitative research and analysis (for validation and specificity). Our proprietary culture assessment framework includes sixteen core elements with three to four sub elements for each. The most unique component is our integration of strategic goals and customer experience/engagement objectives to anchor findings and assist with prioritisation. We view organisations through the lenses of mindset/beliefs, practices/policies and capability areas (cut by leadership, empowerment, enablement etc).
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Experience Audit

Strativity’s experience audit is a comprehensive and expert assessment of specific touchpoints to provide an objective view on brand alignment, customer experience, operational efficiency and employee impact. The deliverable is a detailed report that outlines the current state with specific recommendations to deliver improvement across the said dimensions.
“Strativity are a team of consummate experts that assisted Greyhound greatly to understand the moments of truth that are pivotal in the minds of our customers, ensuring their experience moves beyond good to great!"

Alex De Waal - Chief Executive Officer of Greyhound Australia

“Thanks Brad – your support and the team at Strativity Group helped us drive an insight-led, data-driven approach to disrupt a 124-year-old bank!"

Andrew Chanmugan - Executive General Manager of CX of Bankwest

"We have partnered with Strativity across a range of projects and have always found them passionate and professional. They bring a pragmatic approach that has helped us improve the experience of our members."

Simon Grant - Group Executive of Advocacy & International

"Strativity helped us to understand and decompose our current customer experience and trial new and innovative offerings. They bring together research, strategic design and quantitative capabilities very well to deliver effective outcomes."

Mark Healy - Managing Director of Global Payments ANZ

"Thanks Brad and Strativity, you have been a great partner to us this year!"

Ant Dureau - Chief Client Officer of AMP

"Before we met Strativity, we used to turn the lights on at 7:00am, a bit like a military operation. Now we let residents choose when they’d like to get up and we have noticed that our dementia patients are calmer."

Annette Hili - Chief Operating Officer of BaptistCare

"We have engaged Strativity on a number of projects and have been really pleased with their capability, focus, and of course the outcomes. Would definitely recommend them."

Chris Jackson - General Manager, Customer Experience & Digital at Transurban

"The Strativity team brought enthusiasm, expertise and a practical approach to their work with Alliance Group. They helped us to better understand the supplier and customer ecosystem, prioritise our efforts and drive real change."

David Surveyor - CEO at Alliance Group

"The Strativity team helped us to value an important market segment that had never been properly valued before. Along the way, the team used multiple data sources which helped us to understand key trends in our customer ecosystem, and where our efforts needed to be prioritised. The team were a delight to work with – crisp in their communication style, efficient, flexible and responsive to feedback."

Erryn Schettino - National Manager, Sales and Customer Strategy of BlueScope

"Strativity shaped and completed market research to identify potential revenue pools and helped us with the strategy to effectively target these. With this insight and hard work, we have been able to take advantage of these opportunities to triple our revenue and profitability over the last few years."

Mike Tristram - Chief Executive Officer of Trisco Foods

"I highly recommend the work of the Strativity team. They are experts in understanding and improving the customer experience of leading brands."

Paul Rayson - Chief Executive Officer of CommSec

"Strativity helped us understand the customer perspective and work across the business to design and execute the ideal experience, delivering both strategic and tangible value."

David Armstrong - Chief Executive Officer of Allity Aged Care

"Strativity helped us map the current client experience, prioritise enhancements and design the ideal experience. We then looked at the cultural and capability adjustments that would be needed to deliver in order to shape and execute the right plan. The team was first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations that want to drive customer centric change."

Mike Tristram - Chief Executive Officer of Trisco Foods

"Strativity helped us map the experience of members and employers to understand their needs, prioritise improvements and design the optimal experience. They brought great skill and a practical approach, enabling us to understand where value could be created and how we could best serve our members and employers. This was further supported by a measurement program to drive a customer centric culture and help us track progress."

David Atkin - Chief Executive Officer of Cbus

"I would certainly recommend Strativity. They engage brilliantly to understand and focus on the most critical insights and leverage these to determine the right actions. They certainly helped us on our journey to create seamless omnichannel experiences."

Chris Wilesmith - Managing Director of Supercheap Auto & Chief Executive Officer of Mitre 10 New Zealand

"The Strativity team were great in helping us to better understand the end to end customer experience for our key eParcels business. Most of the recommendations have been completed or are in progress and our eParcel business is continuing to grow significantly as a result."

Chris Koo - Manager of Domestic Parcels at Australia Post

"Thank you all so much for a wonderful ‘activation’ day yesterday. The hallway conversations have been buzzing with people’s reflections and feedback."

Nicola Reynolds - General Manager of Customer, Insights and Marketing at Benetas

"We found the Strativity training to be tailored perfectly to the culture we were working to create in all our stores – one that delights every customer with a proactive, energised, customer service approach that reflects our appreciation of every customer and a deep pride in the service we are providing."

Jerry Sheridan - President and Chief Executive Officer of AmeriGas

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