The Client

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Unitywater’s priority is providing QLD customers with a high-quality, safe and reliable water and sewerage service that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

The Challenge

Unitywater’s Corporate Strategic Plan is the formal representation of its strategic goals, aspirations and targets. A lack of visibility, lost amongst the plethora of Unitywater documents, initiatives, projects and communications, the Corporate Strategic Plan historically resulted in low levels of awareness and engagement amongst team members. Unitywater’s ambition in 2020 was to ensure that the Corporate Strategy would be more effectively communicated, and that the strategy was presented in a fashion which engaged leaders and the broader organisation.

The Approach

Strativity, in collaboration with Unitywater, designed and developed Branch Manager and Section Leader workshops in order to immerse team members in the strategy communication; participate in exercises to link existing business activity to the strategy, and; encourage leaders to embrace the strategy and accelerate its communication throughout the organisation.

The Results

The measure of success for this engagement was captured in a post session survey of attendees. 100% of Branch Managers and 89% of Section Leaders volunteered that their understanding of the strategy improved after the session. The final report includes a series of recommendations to further embed the strategy into the day-to-day operating rhythm of the organisation.