Amerigas sized

The Client

AmeriGas is an LPG distribution company serving approximately 2 million customers in all 50 states in the US from approximately 2,500 distribution locations.

The Challenge

The retail propane business is a “margin-based” business; propane is a commodity, and, as such, its unit price is subject to volatile fluctuations in response to changes in supply or other market conditions. Customer growth and retention were critical factors for AmeriGas because they foresaw no or minimal growth in total demand for propane for the upcoming years.

The Approach

Strativity focused on demonstrating to all employees, both experience enablers and experience creators, the “new customer’s expectations” they were all facing. We shifted the internal mindset from “selling liquid propane” to “providing safe, reliable and complete LPG solutions.” This was the foundation to then roll-out a Manager Program and Manager Kit including Customer Ideal Journey maps, a comprehensive sustainability plan, and deliver a customised program for various support teams including head office, supply, call centre and care centre.

The Results

As a result of Strativity’s work there was an overall increase in brand pride and unity across all brands. There was also high enthusiasm and employee engagement during the program, and sustained commitment long after. A survey of AmeriGas staff saw results of 91% overall employee satisfaction, and 97% commitment to use learnings. Since Strativity’s work, NPS has risen to +52 in 2018. This score puts them among some of the top-ranking service providers in a variety of industries.

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