South Australian Public Transport Authority

South Australian Public Transport Authority

The Client

South Australia’s Public Transport Authority (SAPTA) works as part of the community to deliver effective planning policy, efficient transport, and valuable social and economic infrastructure. It aims to achieve positive outcomes to improve the lifestyles of all South Australians every day.

The Challenge

SAPTA’s Customer Transformation Directorate was determined to drive a renewed focus on customer satisfaction and patronage. To deliver experiences that meet and exceed the expectations of customers, the organisation needed an endorsed CX strategy, which was data and evidence-based, and which needed to provide a clear and consistent approach to all aspects of the customer’s journey. The CX strategy would help drive strategic investments in technology (as well as digital capabilities) and re-define service offerings to cater to the evolving needs of customers.

The Approach

Strativity performed a CX diagnostic, baselining the Leadership Team’s assessment of the organisation’s CX maturity and its performance at key customer journey stages and touchpoints.  Key frameworks to were used to help understand the critical relationship between strategic objectives and customer experience, and how this relates to the external customer experience).  External case studies were examined and workshopped in order to learn from best practice.

The Results

SAPTA accelerated its Leadership Team alignment through a series of consecutive workshops in which its CX maturity, its understanding of best practice, and its vision for the future, combined to create a solid platform for CX strategy development.