Aus Post sized

The Client

Australia Post is a government-owned corporation that provides postal, financial, travel and agency services in Australia.

The Challenge

Australia Post (Messenger Post) engaged Strativity Group to understand where they could best improve their customer experience focusing on their eParcel business.

The Approach

Strativity conducted extensive research with businesses (senders) and consumers (receivers) and mapped the eParcel experience to identify more than 100 improvement opportunities. In particular, the on-boarding experience for new business customers was problematic, as was carding, collections and tracking for consumers. The research provided great insight into the design of the future state parcel delivery experience (built via an empathy-based design approach) and enabled prioritisation modelling to identify the enhancements that would deliver the strongest ROI. In addition, Strativity provided compelling video footage of clients to assist with organisational customer centricity improvement and facilitated ‘best practice in CX’ educational workshops to support internal capabilities and future success.

The Results

As a result of Strativity’s work, Australia Post invested in holistically enhancing the customer experience and as a result, have decreased on-boarding time from 37 days to 2; standardised the parcel product offering; seen a 20% increase in the uptake of additional chargeable options (upsell); and have reduced instances of customers being incorrectly carded by 10%. Aligned with this, their NPS has jumped from +10.8 in 2012–13 to +13.6 in 2013–14 and continues to grow (+17.1 in 2016-17).

“The Strativity team were great in helping us to better understand the end to end customer experience for our key eParcels business. Most of the recommendations have been completed or are in progress and our eParcel business is continuing to grow significantly as a result.”

Chris Koo
Manager Domestic Parcels