Nambawan Super

The Client

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) is the corporate trustee of the Nambawan Super Fund, an authorised superannuation fund, operating in the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

The Challenge

The business problem that all superannuation businesses, including NSL, are trying to solve is commoditisation. Whereas markets used to be product centric, today we live in a product agnostic world. In NSL’s case, it is offered protection by both the mandatory nature of superannuation and employer-based decisions regarding the fund for their workforce. This is not the case in other economies, which have moved to a more open and contestable marketplace. As part of its business transformation initiatives, NSL sought to develop a clearly defined strategy and roadmap for CX that will help it to deliver an exceptional experience for members, employers, business partners and staff.

The Approach

Strativity recommended five distinct phases aligned to the brief to deliver the research, current state, target state, and strategy development outcomes required. Strativity worked remotely to deliver this project, leveraging a range of video conferencing and online collaboration tools, and these tools were also used to deliver a CX education program for 40 NSL CX Champions.

The Results

The Leadership Team and Board adopted the CX strategy developed by Strativity and immediately put into place a branch transformation program, resulting in a dramatic improvement in NPS (from an already high base).

“Their no-nonsense approach meant every session with Strativity provided insights and learning that could be implemented almost instantly. George Bej and Campbell Packer were always a pleasure to interact with – a true embodiment of what CX should look like in our own operation.”

Morgana Prior, 
GM Branding, Marketing & Communications