The Client

One of Australia’s largest super funds, the client supports over 400,000 members in the Higher Education sector with $80B under management.

The Challenge

The client wanted to ensure its strategy, practices, policies and operations were as member centric as possible. There were different schools of thought though in terms of what approaches would be best and how to prioritise and allocate resources to deliver the most impact.

The Approach

Strativity conducted a Customer Centricity Assessment using its global, best practice framework. This involved an audit of the client’s approach across 12 core dimensions, assessing 6 to 10 elements per dimension. Through desktop research, interviews with leaders and cross-functional workshops, Strativity ranked each element and provided evidence to support the assessment. We then presented detailed analysis to the executive team, and worked through a prioritisation exercise, considering best practice gap and value creation potential to agree the most important activities. Discussions on cost-benefit and strategic trades offs enabled an agreed view on what needed to be done. An execution roadmap was then developed highlighting the optimal sequencing and noting owners, dependencies and timelines. Key recommendations included clarifying the target experience and communicating this to the business and prioritising member engagement activities that drove improvements in Member Sat and ALMV.

The Results

They continue to lead the way in member centricity. It won Super Review’s Fund of the Year in 2019 and is expanding its advice services rapidly to keep up with demand. Member Satisfaction and NPS have all trended upwards over the last few years.

“We partnered with Strativity to help us assess our maturity with respect to customer centricity and to identify key improvement areas. They engaged with passion and practicality and delivered a comprehensive assessment and a suggested improvement path. If your organisation is looking to understand where it is at, and what it could do to turn the dial, I would recommend talking to Strativity.”

Chief Executive Officer