The Client

Mastercard is the second largest credit card company in the world, and delivers credit services, concierge, insurance and travel benefits and services to its cardholders.

The Challenge

Mastercard wished to define and deliver a customer experience that would differentiate the credit card network to cardholders and, therefore, to its member financial institutions via a matrix of disparate vendors around the world.

The Approach

Strativity began by observing the experience delivered at multiple vendor contact centers in North America, Europe, and Latin America. We then interviewed cardholders to understand key needs of and satisfaction with the current cardholder experience. Statements of Work were next reviewed to include cardholder metrics in staff incentives. A global target state experience, with personas was then defined, and Voice of Cardholder survey designed and deployed to provide real time customer feedback against the Target State. To activate the strategy work, Strativity designed an agent incentive and recognition program and then created and deployed a Mystery Calling program to assess success at delivering the target experience. Finally, Strativity designed, licensed and trained credit card network employees to lead cardholder experience education programs for frontline employees and supervisors.

The Results

Mastercard gained a fresh system to accurately measure and diagnose its Customer Experience performance, over 1,000 employees were trained on delivering exceptional cardholder experience and CX guides and principles were integrated in to Vendor contracts and sales and marketing materials for its global partners.

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