IRT sized

The Client

IRT is a purpose-driven organisation focused on delivering healthcare outcomes across Australia’s Eastern seaboard. Across their 35 centres and additional services, IRT touches the lives of over 7,500 Australians every day.

The Challenge

Impending deregulation of Australia’s care market threatened to undermine the historical profitability and market share of a leading not-for-profit provider of care services. IRT needed to transform from a compliance driven culture into a customer centric organisation, and adjust value propositions and experience delivery.

The Approach

Strativity mapped the customer value offering and experience across 3 business units, then used this insight to formulate new value delivery strategies for the organisation. This involved strategic analysis to understand emergent profit pools and contrast that with new legislation and the organisation’s current capabilities. Together with IRT, we identified new business opportunities for the Group and Business Unit levels. To support the execution of these strategies, a Voice of Customer program was designed and implemented to shift cultural focus from providing care to delivering outstanding customer experience with real-time feedback.

The Results

As a result of Strativity’s work, employees were able to clearly articulate the customer’s current and target journeys, engagement increased significantly, leadership aligned around the customer, and a three-pillar strategy was created to guide all three business units. Customer engagement, satisfaction and value metrics are all trending upwards.