Nuseed Australia

The Client

Nuseed is the market leader in hybrid canola seed breeding in Australia, delivering premium varieties of high-yield, disease resistant canola seed to Australian growers. Nuseed generates global revenue of $1.9bn USD and is a part of Nufarm group.

The Challenge

Although holding the position of market leader and delivering a good base-level of CX, Nuseed faced headwinds due to premium market canola prices driving high demand for hybrid canola seed. Nuseed had also realised that it needed to ‘future-proof’ its competitive position by further differentiating its offer through enhanced customer experience.

The Approach

To address this challenge, Strativity mapped the grower and reseller ecosystem using qualitative research techniques. This allowed us to develop a deep understanding and empathy for the customers and identify the key drivers for growers, resellers and agronomists. Co-design was then used to design the aspirational customer experience – 8 overarching concepts were developed, with a further 32 supporting concepts. After assessing the organisation’s ability to execute the aspirational experience based on current capability, the concepts were then prioritised against desirability and value accretion. A clear and optimally sequenced 3-phase roadmap was created to guide implementation and sustain the new experience.

The Results

With the execution of the roadmap, Nuseed will be well positioned to not only maintain its commercial lead by the quality, excellence and supply of its products, but to excel in differentiation through the experience it offers to its customers.

“Not only have we had really positive feedback from staff about working with Strativity on this project, but our customers have told us that this has been the best research experience that they have ever been involved in. We feel really good about that!”

Rachel Palumbo,
GM Australia