The Client

Greyhound Australia has been operating for 110 years with a network of buses that covers most of the Australian mainland. They employ over 600 people, and service more than 5 million passengers every year.

The Challenge

The bus sector is highly competitive, fragmented, seasonal, and is experiencing decline due to cheaper and faster alternatives. Greyhound Australia recognised that it required a deeper understanding of customer needs in order to best meet and exceed them.

The Approach

Strativity won a competitive tender and began by obtaining a better understanding of the needs of the ‘express’ market. This was achieved through mixed-method primary research with the client’s customers—36 in-depth customer interviews across key routes, in-bus ethnography, employee interviews, and further validated in a national online survey. From the research, a clear definition of a segmentation framework, a new brand value architecture, and customer value proposition were developed. Strativity then articulated the ‘aspirational customer experience’ alongside a prioritised roadmap of customer experience improvements; all with the aim to increase ticket sales and enable organisational capability and cultural enhancements.

The Results

Strativity provided deep insight and recommendations into the customer behaviour and attitudes, providing a solid foundation for the client’s future product and service design, detailed project scoping and business case development (i.e., an understanding of the critical role bus drivers have in the customer experience fuelled their decision to focus investment on their driver customer experience training academy).