Event cinemas

The Client

Event Cinemas is the largest movie exhibitor in Australia and New Zealand, with over 140 cinema complexes currently operating worldwide.

The Challenge

Consumers have an ever-increasing number of entertainment options plus the ability to enjoy the latest movies in the comfort of their own home. For this reason, Event needed to redefine the premium cinema experience in order to attract, impress and retain discerning customers.

The Approach

Strativity assessed global trends in entertainment with a focus on cinema offerings. We then analysed Event’s satisfaction and profitability data to understand which aspects of the experience most impacted subsequent perceptions and behaviour. Friction points and innovation opportunities were discussed and documented. A set of experience design principles were then developed and leveraged during a series of co-creation workshops to build absolute clarity on the target experience (with a focus on both memory creation and the more operational aspects of exceptional service delivery). From there, specific improvements and actions were debated, prioritised and optimally sequenced on a roadmap noting owners, timelines and dependencies. 16 quick wins were actioned immediately with 9 more strategic enhancements funded and planned (with appropriate measures and governance approaches).

The Results

The project helped increase customer satisfaction immediately and positive movements in both spend per visit and patronage were recorded.