What Is It?

Design Thinking

At its heart, design thinking is about bringing the ‘human’ perspective back to business. It is a dynamic, human-centered approach to solving complex problems and fostering innovation. It places the user at the heart of the solution, ensuring that your products, services, and strategies resonate deeply with your audience.

By adopting design thinking principles, individuals and businesses can unlock new levels of creativity, collaboration, and success.

Why it matters?

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are racing to innovate and differentiate themselves. Design Thinking has emerged as a core necessity for success. It’s not a trend; it’s a strategic imperative.

Join the global movement and harness the power of design thinking to stay competitive and deliver outstanding value to your customers.



By the end of this course, you will…

  • Understand the core principles and methodology of design thinking.
  • Gain practical experience in applying design thinking to real-world challenges.
  • Develop the ability to empathise with users, define problems, ideate creative solutions, and prototype.
  • Learn effective testing and feedback techniques to refine your ideas.
  • Acquire the skills to integrate design thinking into your organisation’s culture and practices.
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What Will attendees receive?

Hands-on tools and dedicated support to boost your career

  • Design Thinking Toolkit: Comprehensive toolkit including templates and tools for practicing Design Thinking during and after the course.
  • 1:1 Mentoring: Up to five personalised mentor sessions for discussing course material, project consultation, skill sharpening, and questions.
  • Real-world Projects: Application of Design Thinking through a real-world challenge incorporated into the course curriculum.

Who will deliver the program

Expert course facilitators

The program will be led by the Executive Directors from Strativity Group, who have a substantial background in Design Thinking and Customer Experience Management and are eager to share their knowledge and experiences to contribute to your learning journey.



Strativity Illustration CXOB

James Bebby

Executive director

James’s extensive background in human-centered design and strategic innovation makes him a top-notch design-thinking trainer.

His track record of solving complex business challenges, reshaping organisational cultures, and creating exceptional customer experiences showcases his practical expertise.

James’s philosophy of achieving impactful innovation through subtle yet profound customer insights harmonises seamlessly with design thinking principles, making him a compelling and knowledgeable instructor.

James Beeby

Ashlee Riordan

Executive director

Ashlee’s extensive career, bridging industry leadership and consulting, positions her as an exceptional design-thinking trainer.

Her experience in nurturing human-centered design agencies and driving innovation for leading brands illustrates her practical expertise.

Ashlee’s background in cognitive neuroscience, particularly in decision-making and creative thinking, highlights her deep understanding of the cognitive processes essential for innovation. This expertise makes her the ideal instructor for design thinking.

Ashlee Riordan

Matt Poll

Executive director

With two decades of transformative leadership in organizations, Matt is a standout candidate to teach design thinking.

His profound expertise in design thinking and innovation strategy, coupled with his ability to implement proven frameworks for genuine transformation, showcases his practical knowledge.

Matt’s experience as the General Manager of a UX research and design agency underscores his practical CX and design experience, making him a valuable asset for design thinking training.

Matt Poll

Campbell Packer


Campbell’s expertise as an experienced designer and activator, with a focus on creating exceptional experiences, positions him as an outstanding design-thinking trainer.

His extensive experience working with organizations like Miele, Nissan, and Pfizer underscores his practical knowledge in applying design thinking principles effectively.

Campbell’s dedication to crafting and delivering educational programs centered around customer-centricity perfectly aligns with our design thinking course objectives.

His background in performance, culture, mindset, and behavioral transformation at Pfizer enhances his ability to share valuable, design-thinking relevant insights with our learners.

Campbell Packer - Director

How To Attend: Dates and Price

DEsign thinking BootCamp 

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  • When: 10 – 11 June 2024
  • Price: $3600 + GST (2-day course)

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